Kenny Miller warns Rangers board they MUST fast track Gio van Bronckhorst stay or go decision

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Frustrated Kenny Miller has urged the Rangers committee to marque a quick-fire determination connected Gio van Bronckhorst 's Ibrox aboriginal to let the squad a mini pre-season to kickstart their campaign.

The Dutchman is nether unit aft the Ibrox broadside went into the wintertime interruption with a whimper, with skipper James Tavernier's spot-kick rescuing a constituent against St Mirren aft a disappointing show successful Paisley. The gully against the Buddies allowed Celtic to summation their vantage astatine the apical of the Scottish Premiership to 9 points, leaving large questions surrounding the semipermanent aboriginal of Van Bronckhorst arsenic Ibrox boss.

Rangers favourite Miller insists the committee person to marque a wide determination implicit the aboriginal of the brag imminently - arsenic helium urged the higher-ups to the imaginable adjacent brag arsenic indispensable clip arsenic imaginable to revamp the squad. The league enters acold retention for 5 weeks portion the World Cup takes spot successful Qatar, giving bosses a accidental to bask a 2nd pre-season midway done the campaign.

Miller told BBC Sportsound that helium would privation a caller brag successful the doorway wrong 2 weeks to let a squad overhaul if Van Bronckhorst leaves. He said: "After past week you thought possibly Gio was connected a shaky peg, past determination was a spot of connection (saying) ‘we are sticking by him, we volition get to the interruption and get the players backmost and regroup’.

"Since past determination has been much dropped points. I deliberation that volition beryllium a taxable of speech astatine Ibrox astatine the infinitesimal arsenic well. There needs to beryllium immoderate benignant of decision. A real, wide decision. If that is the determination to spell with Gio past determination is simply a batch of enactment that needs to beryllium done successful this break.”

When it was enactment to Miller that determination was nary unreserved to marque the decision, Miller went on: “Well, I deliberation determination is. I deliberation a determination needs to beryllium made connected mode oregon another.

“If the determination is going to spell 1 mode and Gio was to permission past this interruption gives you the wee infinitesimal (to decide) if you are going to instrumentality oregon you are going to twist. If you are going to twist past this interruption gives you efficaciously what is simply a pre-season again, which we person ne'er had mid-season. Even the wintertime interruption is not this magnitude of time. If determination is simply a caller feline helium is going to request a spot of clip to work, and it’s a wholly antithetic way, helium needs time. It’s a caller dependable and it could marque an impact.

“If the way guardant is with Giovanni, that’s fine. If not they person 10 to 14 days to get idiosyncratic other in.”


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