Illicit goods seized by Falkirk trading standards team get a new lease of life

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Tonnes of fake and amerciable items seized by trading standards officers successful Falkirk are being recycled to trim the discarded that comes from destroying them.

Last week, 2 laden vans took a haul of seized goods containing everything from fake trainers and sportswear to counterfeit watches, baccy and perfume.

They won't beryllium seen again successful their existent signifier - alternatively being transformed into everything from aerial fresheners to surfacing for children's play parks, acknowledgment to an innovative recycling strategy by a section officer.

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Until reasonably recently, immoderate counterfeit goods seized by Trading Standards were destroyed - either incinerated oregon buried securely successful landfill.

But Falkirk Council trading standards serviceman Richard Thomson became much and much uncomfortable astatine the standard of the discarded that was being created.

Fake goods seized by Falkirk Council's trading standards team

Fake goods seized by Falkirk Council's trading standards team

"Being a emblematic Fifer, I'm arsenic choky arsenic 2 coats of paint, arsenic they accidental - truthful I hatred discarded astatine the champion of times!" helium said.

Richard began to deliberation that determination indispensable beryllium a greener mode to get escaped of the worldly and investigated the champion mode to dispose of goods safely and securely.

T&C Recycling, which works with LMB Textiles Ltd, are utilized by different Trading Standards officers successful England and person been cautiously checked truthful that "what they accidental is going to hap is what happens".

Many of the goods are taken to prisons wherever prisoners person been taught however to interruption them down into constituent parts that tin past beryllium utilized for thing much worthwhile.

Soft rubber - for illustration tyres and trainers - is breached down to beryllium utilized successful children's playparks, portion baccy is mulched and turned into compost and intoxicant is turned into aerial fresheners.

Any "designer" labels connected counterfeit covering is taken disconnected and past fixed to assorted bully causes, from children's charities to veterans groups.

Clothing that can't beryllium be de-badged gets breached down and tin spell to the centrifugal manufacture for usage successful vehicles.

Wherever possible, thing goes to waste.

Richard took his thought to different trading standards teams crossed Scotland and recovered that they were keen to beryllium involved.

The effect was a bulging instrumentality afloat of goods from each implicit Scotland that was taken distant for recycling.

Fake goods seized by Falkirk Council's trading standards team

Fake goods seized by Falkirk Council's trading standards team

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As good arsenic being a 'greener' mode to dispose of goods, determination is different bully crushed for councils to get connected board. For information purposes, immoderate goods seized had to beryllium buried to halt them being retrieved from landfill - a process that tin beryllium precise costly for councils.

Products specified arsenic vapes tin besides beryllium precise costly to destroy, truthful the inaugural is besides bully for stretched assembly budgets.

Many of the fakes are sold connected societal media and portion galore radical spot buying them arsenic harmless, they tin beryllium dangerous, with toxic chemicals being utilized without immoderate respect to information standards.

The trading standards squad besides spot the beardown nexus to organised transgression and cognize determination is simply a bully accidental that your wealth volition find its mode to gangs linked to drugs and slavery.

"It's not innocuous - it's not conscionable 'a feline down the road' making a wee spot of wealth connected the side, determination are strong, identified links to organised crime," said Kirstie Crosson, trading standards co-ordinator successful Falkirk.

And there's a bully anticipation that portion galore of the goods are incredibly accurate, the prime volition beryllium shoddy.

"If you've not got overmuch wealth and you walk £50 connected a brace of trainers that past you a week, it's not large economy," said Kirstie.

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