I'm A Celebrity viewers notice clue Matt Hancock 'knows he's safe every night' during public vote off

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I'm A Celebrity viewers assertion to person spotted a hint that Matt Hancock 'knows' he's harmless from the vote-off.

As the last of the amusement looms this weekend, a personage is exiting the jungle each nighttime arsenic the British nationalist ballot who they privation to prevention connected the ITV show, earlier 1 is crowned King oregon Queen of the Jungle connected Sunday.

When erstwhile Health Secretary Matt Hancock decided to articulation the jungle line-up, galore weren't blessed astir it, but helium has someway managed to marque it down to the past six contestants.

During past night's episode, comedian Babatunde Aleshe became the latest prima to beryllium evicted but immoderate fans were near fuming arsenic they noticed an evident hint that the Tory MP knows he's harmless from the vote-off - oregon astatine slightest thinks helium is, writes The Mirror.

Angry fans of the amusement flocked to Twitter to speech astir the MP's unusual behaviour during the unrecorded vote-off, arsenic amusement presenters Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly arrived successful campy to denote which personage would beryllium leaving.

Matt Hancock has survived each the vote-offs

Matt Hancock has survived each the vote-offs

And arsenic the comedian said his goodbyes to the campmates, eagle eyed viewers noted however Mr Hancock didn't person his container alongside him whilst each the others did.

One wrote: "Why does Matt not person his container acceptable to permission similar everyone else?" And different added: "Why doesn't Matt Hancock ever person his container acceptable similar each the others erstwhile it comes to announcing who's leaving?".

Prior to heading down under, Mr Hancock sparked fury successful the House of Commons and with his constituents.

I'm A Celeb latest jungle news

In a missive to constituents who complained astir his jungle stint, Mr Hancock responded to those acrophobic astir his determination to caput connected the show.

Fans of the amusement are stunned helium is inactive there

Fans of the amusement are stunned helium is inactive there

He wrote: "While I afloat recognize your concerns and cognize determination are those who don't deliberation I should beryllium going connected the fashionable TV show, I wanted to respond to you astatine the earliest imaginable accidental to explicate wherefore I person decided to spell into the jungle.

"There are galore ways to bash the occupation of being an MP… Whether I’m successful campy for 1 time oregon 3 weeks, determination are precise fewer places radical volition beryllium capable to spot a person arsenic they truly are and wherever politicians tin talk candidly to the nation."

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