How to get fake tan off your toilet seat, according to Lynsey Queen of Clean

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Cleaning and homecare adept Lynsey Crombie, champion known to fans arsenic Lynsey Queen of Clean, has revealed however you tin get stubborn fake tan stains disconnected your toilet seat

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The cleanable hack for fake tan fans (Stock Photo)

Many fake tan fans volition cognize each excessively good the vexation of nipping for a speedy wee portion getting acceptable for a nighttime out, lone to beryllium up and find orangish marks wherever your bottommost has been. Luckily, you don't person to settee for a tangerine loo spot forevermore and tin get your toilet sparkling erstwhile again by utilizing 1 precise mundane constituent you'll astir apt already support successful your dressing array drawer.

Speaking astatine the House of Hacks successful Leeds, the world's first-ever cleaning festival, homecare guru and writer Lynsey Crombie, amended known arsenic Lynsey Queen of Clean, fielded questions from anxious fans keen to perceive her words of contented connected each things spick and span.

During a Q&A league astatine the caller Wilko event, which was attended by Mirror newsman Julia Banim, savvy Lynsey shared however she would scrub dreaded tan marks from a toilet seat, and it truly couldn't beryllium simpler.

The conflict to get the cleanable tan is real (


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One attendee was funny astir however to region fake tan from wrong shirts and bedding. Lynsey past jokily admitted she herself had precocious ended up getting fake tan each implicit immoderate edifice pillows, leaving her feeling 'so embarrassed'. Addressing others facing akin blushes, Lynsey suggested utilizing a liquid laundry detergent arsenic a pre-stain treatment, earlier moving connected to the lesser-discussed taxable of bronzed loo seats.

Lynsey advised: "A batch of radical volition enactment connected a spot of fake tan and beryllium connected the toilet. If you get it connected your toilet seat: nail polish remover. Just hitch it disconnected with nail polish remover, and it volition conscionable go. Otherwise, you're near with a bum print, and truthful you should bash it rather quickly."

Lynsey besides took the clip to uncover however you tin get ink oregon felt extremity scribbles disconnected your java table, a bugbear for galore parents of small budding artists.

According to Lynsey: "I find toothpaste works truly good with pens, if you scrub it in, it starts to interruption it down. If you get ink connected clothes, blistery beverage is 1 of the old-school things that truly works. Just hitch it in."

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