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A radical of gunmen numbering astir 10 has reportedly attacked workers of the Gomoa Fetteh Salt Industry Limited, a wholy registered brackish and existent property institution successful the Central Region.

Twelve individuals sustained superior gunshot and machette wounds.

They were rushed to the Kasoa Government  Hospital for aesculapian treatment.

The incidental occured connected Wednesday erstwhile workers had reported to enactment successful the greeting to statesman their regular routing.

Several Directors of the institution person signed petition to get the attraction of the Inspector General of Police to behaviour thorough investigations into the incident.

In a missive dated 13th October, 2022  and signed by the Director of the company, Amos Appiah, helium debunked accusations that the workers are landguards.

He nevertheless acused 1 Nana Kwesi Kwansah, Alias Kwesi Alhaji, said to beryllium the 'Mankrado' of Gomoa Fetteh for contesting implicit aforesaid land, hence starring to the attack.

Police officers called to bring the concern nether power are besides said to person wrongfully arrested immoderate of the workers implicit accusations that they are landguards.

The connection indicated the injured, galore of whom are information guards and administrative staff, were determination to support the spot and the implicit 3000 acres of lands astatine the site.

Management of the company, who reported the substance to the Central East Regional Police Command - Kasoa, person subsequently requested the attraction and beingness of the Police to support the institution and its staff.

Mr. Amos Appiah besides called connected the National Security Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah and the Inspector General of Police, George Akuffo Dampare to swoop the country and apprehension each individuals progressive successful landguard activities successful bid to support the lands from encroachment.

Earlier, different property league held by the Gomoa Fetteh Royal Family connected Wednesday, acused Nana Kwesi Kwansah of eroding the advancement made successful the country pursuing the protracted chieftaincy disputes.

Spokesperson for the royal family, Nana Essel said the household volition importune that the 'Mankrado' steps down claiming helium is not the existent occupant to the stool.

In a five-point agenda, the Royal household said  Queen mother, Ohembaa Amoasina Nkrabea I, who has reigned since 1989, is live and inactive connected the stool but different Queen parent has been installed.

There is presently an "Omankrado successful Gomoa Fetteh but different 1 has been installed. Again,  different Chief of the royal household and Abusuapanyin person each been replaced by a rival main and Abusuapanyin respectively”.

"Now the elders and Kingmakers of Gomoa Fetteh bash not judge thing untraditional and for that substance we bash not recognise these radical arsenic chiefs.Usually these de factos load galore gunmen into the municipality and they dependable respective weapon shots causing fearfulness and panic an cipher takes them on",

Nana Essel emphasized.