Grains, Livestock mixed

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CHICAGO (AP) — Grain futures were mixed Friday successful aboriginal trading connected the Chicago Board of Trade. Wheat for Dec. mislaid 1.25 cents astatine $8.80 a bushel; Dec. maize roseate 5 cents astatine $6.9325 a bushel; Dec. oats was disconnected 2.25 cents astatine $4.04 a bushel; portion Nov. soybeans gained 10.75 cents astatine 13.9550 a bushel.

Beef mixed and pork higher connected the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Oct. unrecorded cattle roseate .17 cent astatine $1.4652 a pound; Oct. feeder cattle was down 2.05 cents astatine $1.7357 a pound; Oct. thin hogs gained .07 cent astatine $.9342 a pound.

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