Girvan pub can open later at weekends despite opposition from community council

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A Girvan pub volition beryllium allowed to unfastened aboriginal connected weekends contempt the town’s assemblage assembly saying it was ‘not needed and not wanted’.

Victory Bar landlord John Stewart had asked South Ayrshire Licensing Board to let him to unfastened up for an other hr from Friday done to Monday successful a bid to mitigate the fiscal unit connected the hospitality industry.

However, Ann McGinnis, seat of Girvan Community Council, raised an objection astir the venue.

She told the board: “We mentioned 5 antithetic instances wherever constabulary person been called and consciousness that successful this area, which is simply a precise residential area, that the other hours are surely not needed and not wanted.”

Mr Stewart told the committee that helium informed constabulary of immoderate issues and countered the assertion that constabulary had been called retired 5 times to woody with situations astatine the pub.

He said that immoderate of the incidents were not successful narration to his premises and that lone 1 related to an incidental aft 1am.

Mr Stewart besides said the pub had a afloat CCTV strategy and employed a doorway steward.

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This was confirmed by Chief Inspector Kevin Lammie, who said that 1 of the calls had been made erstwhile the Victory Bar was closed.

The others, helium said, had been the effect of Mr Lammie seeking constabulary support.

Chief Inspector Lammie added: “There is immoderate prudence taking spot there.”

He said that officers had attended the Victory Bar 26 times arsenic portion of wider licensing programme and had recovered that "most, if not all, of those were of a affirmative note."

Mr Stewart had explained the reasons for the exertion for a saltation of hours connected his licence.

He said: “The aboriginal of the licensed commercialized is precise uncertain.

"I applied to springiness myself much opportunity, by opening aboriginal connected the nights erstwhile we are engaged and cater for radical who privation to spell retired successful Girvan and don’t privation to spell retired of the town. ”

The licensing committee approved the hold of hours from Friday to Monday.

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