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Former Miss Liberia, Patience Noah, has truthful proudly evolved from being a quality queen, to a top-notch insurer successful the United States.

Ms. Noah present runs her ain security agency, the Patience Noah Insurance LLC successful the USA.

Among different things, Patience Noah Insurance LLC is based successful Massachusetts but licensed to bash concern successful respective states crossed the USA. The bureau helps tiny businesses and families program for the unexpected by providing General Liability, Commercial Auto, nonrecreational liability, and workers compensation.

On its authoritative website:, Patience Noah Insurance LLC intelligibly indicates that it besides provides automobile insurance, location security and beingness insurance, successful summation to educating clients connected their security contracts, providing advocacy services to clients and acting successful their champion interest.

Life aft Beauty Pageantry

Around the world, Beauty Pageantry is considered an accidental for young women to showcase their substance. However, successful galore cases, transitioning into the existent satellite aft the pomp and pageantry becomes an arduous journey.

But, beingness aft quality pageant for Ms. Noah is 1 of starring a rapidly-growing pan-African security bureau and she remains powerfully committed to making a affirmative people successful the satellite of business.

Transition from Beauty pageant to Business

Ms. Noah says she prepared herself adequately to modulation from a quality queen to a businesswoman.

Touching connected her modulation into the satellite of business, she says: "It's been a creaseless transition. I ever told myself that I didn’t conscionable privation to beryllium a beauteous face. Beauty fades, which we each cognize is true. I ever saw my Miss Liberia rubric arsenic a level to link with my radical truthful that I ne'er hide wherever I travel from. I got into the security concern close aft college. It was my archetypal large occupation I got and I haven’t near the manufacture since and I don’t spot myself leaving anytime soon."

Ms. Noah has been successful the security manufacture for 10 years but has been operating her ain bureau implicit the past 3 years and says: "I judge Africans should patronize america due to the fact that I’m good versed successful my manufacture and I bash a truly bully occupation of educating my clients. I besides springiness backmost to my assemblage and the extremity is to springiness much to the assemblage and Africa arsenic a full arsenic we turn successful the future.

Giving an penetration into the quality of security concern successful the US, she says "It’s a precise lucrative business. It's a multi cardinal oregon trillion dollars manufacture but being an bureau proprietor is hard work. Most security bureau owners discontinue oregon merchantability their concern wrong 6 months to 5 years. There are aggregate sides to the security industry. Being an bureau proprietor is conscionable a fraction of it."

A pistillate of substance, higher Education

The ex-Miss Liberia has implicit the years, worked hard to hole herself for beingness beyond quality pageant, doing everything she tin to physique herself into a pistillate of substance.

Beginning her vocation beingness successful a quality pageant manufacture truthful babelike connected looks, she opted to spell the other mile, pursuing a higher education, and staying focused connected her entrepreneurial projects. Ms. Noah is perfectly a quality with brains, a affirmative and bubbly woman.

She has a Bachelor grade successful Marketing from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and plans connected going backmost to schoolhouse to get her masters successful the adjacent aboriginal and perchance prosecute a PhD someday.

"Right present each I bash is service connected committee of organizations specified arsenic SkillUSA Massachusetts, an enactment that provides enactment tools to vocation technical/ vocational students crossed Massachusetts, The African Community Education Program (ACE). It’s a assemblage programme successful Worcester Massachusetts that helps African immigrants assimilate into the assemblage erstwhile they arrive. I’m serving connected the committee due to the fact that I privation the young Africans that are conscionable coming into the US to cognize that they excessively tin beryllium thing they privation to beryllium someday if they enactment hard and enactment focused. My household and I came to the US backmost successful 2003. The portion of the municipality we were successful wasn’t the champion but I had fantastic teachers and I ran way and played hoops which kept maine retired of occupation and gave maine thing to strive for," she added.

Advice to young Beauty Queens

Ms. Noah believes young quality queens indispensable look beyond their carnal quality and physique a amended aboriginal for themselves.

She says, "My modulation was precise casual due to the fact that I’ve ever been level headed and I ne'er fto immoderate rubric get to my head. I besides ever knew that immoderate time I was going to person my ain concern but I ne'er knew precisely what benignant of concern I wanted to have. I besides knew that getting an acquisition would broaden my mode of reasoning truthful I took my acquisition seriously. The information is, erstwhile each the hype fades away, who truly are you astatine the core? That’s thing you request to cognize truthful that aft your reign you tin absorption connected your different goals and passions successful life. My proposal to different queens is that being a quality queen is lone a play successful your beingness and erstwhile that play is implicit beingness goes connected truthful find what you emotion to bash and absorption connected that earlier oregon aft your reign arsenic a queen".

She advised: "Every queen utilizes their rubric differently. Again, it’s lone a level that you tin usage to beforehand your docket and projects. With what has happened the past fewer years, it would beryllium unfair to accidental that immoderate manufacture tin bash amended oregon not. There’s ever country for betterment and I judge the Liberian pageant manufacture beryllium it successful Liberia oregon the diaspora could usage immoderate improvements and I’m beauteous assured they volition fig it retired arsenic clip goes on."

Source: Melvin Tarlue, is simply a Ghana-based Liberian journalist, media advisor and marketer/ [email protected]