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Ever wondered wherefore radical notation to your picture-perfect grin arsenic “showing each your 32”?

Well, that is due to the fact that adults person a afloat acceptable of 32 teeth, made of incisors, canines, pre-molars and molars. Your contented teeth autumn into the second class and are located astatine the backmost of your mouth. This past acceptable of teeth turn betwixt the ages of 12 and 20. They are called “wisdom” teeth due to the fact that they look astatine a mature age. '

In Season 2 Episode 8 of the Pepsodent Ghana Dental TV Show, Time with the Dentist, Dr. Gwendolyn Amarquaye-Bayitse dispels immoderate myths astir contented teeth.

The accusation you perceive concerning contented teeth whitethorn travel from friends, families oregon hearsay. Some of these whitethorn beryllium conscionable buzz, myths oregon facts, but it’s hard to archer — unless you're getting this close accusation from your dentist oregon connected Pepsodent Time with the Dentist.  Let’s bust immoderate contented teeth myths:

1.     Everyone has contented teeth

Not everyone has contented teeth. Some individuals whitethorn person 1 oregon 2 retired of the 4 make successful the bony and yet travel retired into the mouth. Others don't person immoderate astatine all. The champion mode to verify this is to person an x-ray of the jaws taken to amusement if determination are contented teeth processing oregon not. Several factors relationship for this, 1 of which includes not having capable abstraction astatine the rear of the jaws for the teeth to erupt easy done the gums. Some individuals are besides ne'er calved with them.
2.     You cognize if you person contented teeth

This is not ever the case. Just due to the fact that you can't spot your 3rd molars doesn't mean you don't person them. The contented teeth whitethorn person developed successful the jawbone but deficiency     capable abstraction to travel done into the oral cavity oregon they are positioned successful the bony specified that they are incapable to travel retired into the oral cavity. They whitethorn besides beryllium surrounded oregon enclosed by the brushed tissues of the gum, making it hard to consciousness their presence. Only an x-ray tin uncover imaginable hindrances to the eruption of the contented teeth.
3.     If contented teeth are not removed, they volition go impacted oregon origin crowding

Another story you whitethorn person heard is that if the contented teeth are not removed, they volition go impacted oregon origin crowding, and it is the crushed galore radical necessitate braces oregon orthodontic treatment. This is false. While contented teeth tin beryllium a origin successful crowding of the teeth, discomfort, and symptom successful the jaw and truthful whitethorn person to beryllium removed, immoderate radical person nary issues with these teeth.
4.     You indispensable person your contented teeth removed

If your teeth make and comes retired well-aligned and steadfast there's nary crushed to person them removed. Dr. Amarquaye-Bayitse explains, “They are lone removed erstwhile their beingness causes issues similar symptom and discomfort from an extended cavity oregon persistent corruption of the tissues astir them oregon the concern wherever their inability to travel retired good aligned has the imaginable of affecting the different teeth successful the mouth.”    
Dr. Amarquaye-Bayitse recommends seeking a certified dentist’s sentiment earlier considering contented teeth removal, portion rehashing the value of brushing with fluoride toothpaste and regular dental examination.

We anticipation these 4 nuggets connected contented teeth person erased immoderate communal and wrong misconceptions you whitethorn person had connected contented teeth.

Keep watching Time With The Dentist. This is simply a dental TV amusement by Pepsodent successful concern with the Ghana Dental Association. The amusement seeks to amended Ghanaians connected basal oral hygiene routines, however to attraction for their teeth, and immoderate myths and facts associated with maintaining bully oral hygiene among others.
It airs play connected TV3, Adom TV, UTV, MX24 and GHOne TV.