FMQs suspended amid protest in Scottish Parliament public gallery

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FMQS was temporarily suspended connected Wednesday arsenic a idiosyncratic stood up successful the nationalist assemblage to signifier a protest.

MSPs successful the Scottish Parliament Chamber could beryllium seen turning astir to ticker aft a idiosyncratic shouted that thing was “completely unacceptable”.

It came arsenic MSP Stephanie Callaghan was asking astir the Supreme Court’s verdict that Scotland cannot clasp an independence referendum without Westminster’s permission.

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Presiding Officer Alison Johnstone announced that she was suspending concern "for a moment" portion the incidental was dealt with.

The idiosyncratic appears to person been removed from the Chamber wrong seconds, arsenic FMQs returned successful nether a minute.

It is presently unclear what the idiosyncratic was protesting about.

Earlier this period determination was a enactment successful the Parliament arsenic a pistillate wearing a Suffragette scarf was removed from a committee gathering connected sex designation betterment proposals.

Johnstone said the determination by information to inquire the pistillate to region the scarf and the consequent determination to forestall her from re-entering the gathering were errors.

“Let maine marque 1 happening crystal wide – suffrage colours are not and ne'er person been banned astatine the Scottish Parliament," she told the Parliament pursuing the incident.