Film makers want to bring 'Hollywood glamour to West Lothian'

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Bathgate mightiness not beryllium the archetypal spot that comes to caput erstwhile you deliberation of Hollywood glamour, but the municipality is accelerated making a sanction for itself successful the movie industry.

Multi-million lb movie studios person been created astatine the Pyramids, pursuing concern from Amazon, which filmed scenes from deed amusement Good Omens starring the town’s ain David Tennant.

Scenes from Trainspotting 2 from Sony Pictures and Outlaw King from Netflix person besides been filmed astatine Pyramids Studios.

Now, Bathgate Cinema has created its ain in-house workplace implicit with a greenish surface successful the anticipation of attracting much movie companies to bring their projects to the town.

The workplace has been funded and built by No Reel Productions squad Kevin Wells, Sebastian Kulwicki, Jay Mack, Heather Dow, Scott Kempik and Andrew Henderson, who already person euphony videos for the likes of The Snuts nether their belts.

They are besides immoderate of the names down the deed podcast Jibber Jabber, which organised a peculiar screening of Lost Boys successful 2020 and brought implicit Gerard MacMahon, who wrote the opus Cry Little Sister for the film’s soundtrack for a peculiar performance.

The podcast specialises successful each things cinematic and Kevin Wells, who is besides the manager of the cinema, said they person made immoderate important contacts implicit the years successful Hollywood acknowledgment to their work.

He said: “The cinema is immense truthful we fundamentally went in, stripped immoderate of it retired and created the greenish screen.

“The large happening is we person a batch of friends successful Hollywood present done years of podcasting and a batch of them volition beryllium coming implicit present to the Pyramids to movie immoderate the adjacent blockbuster is, truthful erstwhile that happens determination volition beryllium immoderate scope to travel present and shoot,

“Aside from the cinema, which is the time job, we’re truly trying to boost and bring much to the cinema done the greenish screen.”

Kevin said the No Reel Productions squad raised much than £5000 needed to make the greenish surface space.

He continued: “We’re each radical from Bathgate and surrounding areas who person been doing this benignant of happening for escaped for the past 5 years and are present trying to marque it our time job, which would beryllium an imagination occupation for maine to beryllium capable to enactment wrong the movie industry.

“On apical of that, due to the fact that determination are truthful galore unused and untapped wells with the cinema, we volition beryllium bringing bigger names to the municipality to bash Q&As and things.

“There’s going to beryllium a batch of things going connected due to the fact that we person a truly bully abstraction with a signifier and cinema truthful altogether it works truly well.

“We’ll beryllium spreading the connection that the cinema is the spot to beryllium if you privation to get a spot person to Hollywood.”

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