Family in state of 'permanent anguish' after happy couple vanish in Mexico

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Relatives of missing Assya Madjour, 50, and her hubby Michel, 57, accidental they bash not judge the proposal that the brace person outlined successful their past email

Assya Madjour and her hubby Michel Amado

The brace met a fewer years agone aft being introduced to 1 different by a communal friend

The household of a French mates surviving successful Mexico accidental they are "certain" the mates person been kidnapped, arsenic French authorities accidental they are 'closely monitoring the situation.'

Assya Madjour and her hubby Michel Amado, aged 50 and 57, were surviving successful the North American state for the past fewer years, but present their families accidental they person not fixed immoderate motion of beingness for much than a month.

The recently married mates built their beingness successful the scenic country, and precocious acquired a caller 'life project' successful the metropolis of Valladolid, successful Yucatan, connected the eastbound extremity of Mexico.

However, since obtaining this, their relatives accidental they person not heard thing from them, and person gone without quality from the brace since August 25.

The brace sent 2 individual, but unusual emails to their household explaining wherever they 'were'

The sister of Assya, Nawel Madjour, explained that: “We were successful interaction each the time.

"They didn't consciousness successful danger, but I was inactive disquieted astir them due to the fact that of the dangerousness of the region."

But connected September 26, the families of this French mates from the Basque Country reported their disappearance, and this was relayed by the French authorities to their Mexican counterparts.

The French Embassy successful Mexico went connected to guarantee their household that, "its services [are] mobilised, conscionable similar the Consulate General of France successful Mexico City, successful adjacent interaction with the family", to find them.

The brace met a fewer years agone done a communal person successful the Basque Country. Assya had antecedently lived successful Mexico, portion her hubby has already been retired determination for astir 15 years. Upon gathering 1 another, they settled successful Playa del Carmen, successful Quintana Roo, wherever Michel rented retired a workplace connected the coast.

The brace had antecedently either been to Mexico before, oregon had been surviving determination earlier gathering 1 another (


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Two years ago, they decided to marque the determination to Valladolid and worked unneurotic to instrumentality implicit a edifice there. Following this, they got joined conscionable 4 months ago.

The fusion couple, who regularly went backmost and distant betwixt Valladolid and Playa del Carmen person enactment a batch of accent and interest connected their family, since they person not contacted them successful immoderate way.

The sister of the Frenchwoman said: "We unrecorded successful imperishable anguish.

"We inquire a batch of questions: 'Are they alive?' 'Are they okay?'"

The authorities person present confirmed that their hunt for them volition beryllium concentrated successful Chiapas - which is much than 800 kilometers from Valladolid.

This is due to the fact that connected September 6, Assya sent her household an email outlining the reasons down her attending a spiritual centre. She explained that she would beryllium successful the centre of Mexico, but her household person claimed that this missive did not lucifer her quality oregon personality.

French authorities accidental they are moving with their Mexican counterparts regarding this investigation (


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And connected September 12, Michael sent a connection indicating that helium was successful Chiapas to bargain land.

But the families of the mates person been near with much questions. They accidental that they are inquiring astir the root of these messages, and bash not judge the Chiapas hypothesis.

In fact, the relatives accidental they are definite the mates ne'er adjacent near Yucatan, with Nawel shockingly saying: "For us, it is definite that it is simply a kidnapping. We bash not judge successful the thesis of Chiapas.

They often circulated betwixt Valladolid and Playa del Carmen, and Quintana Roo is known arsenic a State wherever helium determination are a batch of disappearances."

Nawel said that the kin archetypal alerted to the disappearance of the mates connected societal networks earlier contacting the authorities.

She added that the probe is inactive processing and has been informed that the French authorities are moving hand-in-hand with the Mexican authorities to get to the bottommost of their investigation.

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