Drop-in clinics across Stirling extended as locals urged to get protected as winter kicks in

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Local drop-in vaccination clinics crossed Forth Valley person been extended to further eligible groups to promote radical to boost their extortion against Covid-19 and flu this winter.

Anyone aged 65 oregon implicit and those aged 5-64 years astatine objective hazard who person received an invitation but person missed their assignment and unpaid carers and household contacts of immunosuppressed tin present be section drop-in clinics.

These include: from contiguous (Wednesday) until Sunday December 4, 8.30am-6.30pm, astatine Falkirk Community Hospital, Stirling Health and Care Village, and Clackmannanshire Community Healthcare Centre.

Health and societal attraction unit arsenic good arsenic attraction location unit who did not person their vaccination astatine enactment tin besides be section vaccination centres connected a drop-in ground without an appointment.

A fig of section pharmacies successful Forth Valley are besides offering appointments for flu and Covid-19 booster vaccinations to eligible groups - sojourn www.nhsforthvalley.com/covidvaccine oregon cheque with your section pharmacy.

Those aged 50 – 64 and large women are asked not to be drop-in clinics and should publication their vaccination assignment astatine www.nhsinform.scot/wintervaccines oregon by calling the nationalist vaccination helpline connected 08000 308013.

Drop-in flu vaccination clinics for children aged 2 to 5 years (born connected oregon earlier 1 September 2020 and not yet astatine school) who haven’t had their flu vaccine, are moving each time passim November, including weekends, from 8.30am and 7pm at: Falkirk Community Hospital, Stirling Health and Care Village and Clackmannanshire Community Healthcare Centre.

Anyone who has immoderate trouble booking oregon attending an assignment tin telephone NHS Forth Valley’s section vaccination squad for proposal connected 0800 130 3120 during mean bureau hours.

NHS Forth Valley manager of nationalist wellness Dr Graham Foster

Dr Graham Foster, NHS Forth Valley’s Director of Public Health, said: “Getting vaccinated is the champion mode to support yourself and others against Covid-19 and flu this winter.

“However, we cognize that extortion fades implicit time, truthful adjacent if you person been vaccinated earlier it is truly important to get the latest Covid-19 booster to apical up your extortion against some the archetypal and newer Omicron strains. I’d promote everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated arsenic soon arsenic imaginable and to get successful interaction with our section vaccination squad if they person immoderate difficulties arranging oregon attending an appointment.”

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