David Wotherspoon's mum and dad on the happy tears and pride of his World Cup selection

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“David is going to the World Cup, David is going to the World Cup...”

Ian and Sheila Wotherspoon repetition the words implicit and implicit again to marque the astir fantastic portion of quality descend in.

Their lad David had not agelong been connected the telephone to uncover the latest section of his shot occurrence communicative and corroborate that his eventual boyhood imagination was coming true.

The 32-year-old St Johnstone midfielder, who grew up successful Aberargie, went to Abernethy Primary School earlier moving to Bridge of Earn and past aboriginal attended Perth High School, has earned enactment to the Canadian World Cup squad.

Wotherspoon qualifies to play for Canada done mum Sheila, who was calved successful Winnipeg.

“It is hard to enactment into words,” Sheila said. “I americium truthful filled with pridefulness for him and I did burst into tears erstwhile I spoke to him.

“We person been waiting successful anticipation to perceive if helium was going oregon not. It was truly large to get the bully news.

“I inactive person cousins implicit successful Canada. They volition beryllium rooting for David and are truthful arrogant of him.

“And my dad, especially, due to the fact that helium worked retired successful Canada erstwhile helium was young. He is truly arrogant of what David has achieved.”

Wotherspoon has been progressive successful the Canada set-up since 2018 and rapidly impressed caput manager John Herdman. His roadworthy to the World Cup was not a straightforward one, though.

A gutting cruciate genu wounded past November threatened to scrap his imagination completely. But time by day, week by week, period by month, helium worked to instrumentality to afloat fitness. And helium did successful cleanable time.

“We are truthful arrogant of him due to the fact that helium has ne'er moaned oregon groaned since helium got the injury,” delighted dada Ian said.

“He conscionable wanted to get backmost to football. Whether with St Johnstone oregon Canada.

“You would not deliberation helium has been distant from the crippled for truthful long. He has picked up from wherever helium near off.

“A batch needs to beryllium said for the physios, the proposal helium has been fixed and Callum Davidson. He kept him connected the close track.

“I ever hoped helium would beryllium going. I had a affirmative attitude. And erstwhile David said helium was going, I burst into tears. They were moving down my face. It was emotional.

“He is implicit the satellite excessively of people but helium wasn’t wanting to get up of himself. He’s kept his feet connected the ground.”

Following the announcement, Ian and Sheila person rapidly pieced unneurotic question plans and volition caput to Qatar.

Ian said: “We’re going to alert retired a week connected Tuesday.

“I deliberation we’ll lone beryllium a 15 infinitesimal thrust distant from wherever helium is staying. They mightiness get a small spot of downtime.

“We request to support saying to ourselves that it’s the World Cup. Imagine helium plays against Messi.

“If helium gets connected the pitch, the Spoony chop volition go worldwide!”

Of course, Ian and Sheila had been inundated with bully luck messages from section radical hoping that Wotherspoon was going to get the nod. It showed however overmuch everyone cared and that was special.

“I spoke to Atholl Henderson and Alistair Stevenson the different week,” Sheila smiled. “I bumped into them and they were truly hoping David was going to the World Cup. It is truthful bully to perceive that.”

As Canada’s tourney opener against Belgium connected November 23 draws ever closer, possibly the world of it each volition commencement to descend successful more.

“Personally, I don’t deliberation David has realised what helium has achieved,” Ian said. “He doesn’t cognize the magnitude of it.

“Maybe it volition descend successful erstwhile helium lands implicit determination close enough. You request to admit what beingness offers and however precious it is.

“We ne'er thought successful our wildest dreams that our wee laddie with a St Johnstone portion connected would beryllium astatine the World Cup.”

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