Boston Marathon winner in 2021 suspended in doping case

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MONACO (AP) — The victor of the 2021 Boston Marathon, Diana Kipyokei, was suspended connected Friday aft investigating affirmative for doping astatine the contention and allegedly obstructing an investigation.

Track and field’s Athletics Integrity Unit said Kipyokei’s illustration aft winning successful Boston successful October past twelvemonth had traces of triamcinolone acetonide. It is simply a glucocorticoid prohibited astatine races erstwhile an jock does not person support to usage it arsenic a medication.

The lawsuit has deepened suspicions the substance is simply a doping merchandise of prime for athletes from Kenya.

The AIU said 10 Kenyans person tested affirmative for triamcinolone since the commencement of 2021, with lone 2 cases successful way and tract from the full remainder of the satellite successful the aforesaid period

Kipyokei is besides nether probe for “obstructing oregon delaying the AIU’s probe done the proviso of mendacious accusation oregon documentation.”

The AIU did not specify much details of the suspected tampering by the 28-year-old Kipyokei, who faces being banned for astatine slightest 4 years.

Kipyokei won the women’s contention successful Boston successful a clip of 2 hours, 24 minutes, 45 seconds.

“In the lawsuit that the alleged usurpation for the beingness of a prohibited substance is proven, Kipyokei would beryllium disqualified arsenic the victor of the 2021 Boston Marathon,” the AIU said.

Her vocation champion clip is 2:22:06 successful Istanbul successful 2020.


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