Billy Connolly's best quotes on Tories, Labour and independence

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To people Billy Connolly's 80th birthday, we're looking backmost astatine the legendary comedian's apical governmental quotes.

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Connolly is good known for his left-wing views, and years agone was vocally opposed to the thought of Scottish independence. However successful caller years helium has softened somewhat and offered penetration into however helium present views Scotland's way ahead.

If you perceive to Johnson, you request nonrecreational help

Speaking to Sky News successful 2020, the straight-talking performer gave his honorable sentiment connected the former prime minister.

“Anybody who listens to Boris needs nonrecreational help,” helium told the journalist. “He’s a large silly toff. Britain’s been listening to large silly toffs for years. It’s clip they listened to themselves and got connected with it.”

In the aforesaid interview, Connolly told viewers astir his sentiment connected politicians successful general.

“More radical should perceive to comedians and less radical should perceive to politicians. They should perceive to comedians and poets. They’re telling the truth.”

His acquisition with “pathetic” Labour politicians

Speaking arsenic portion of the BBC Scotland docu-series Billy and Us, Connolly opened up connected immoderate of his much idiosyncratic governmental experiences. He explained he had felt “conned” into being portion of a 1974 Labour Party predetermination broadcast.

“I was benignant of conned into it,” helium explained. “I was asked to travel up to a gathering I mightiness find interesting. I went, I didn’t find it interesting, but idiosyncratic asked maine a question, I answered and I abruptly discovered I was connected the [party governmental broadcast]. So you won’t find maine precise adjacent governmental radical now.”

He went connected to speech astir however a Scottish Labour person from Anderston, his birthplace, talked to him.

“She started to effort to ‘out slum’ me, saying my slum was worse than your slum. That happening Labour politicians do. I find it pathetic.”

On Scotland being forced retired of the EU by Brexit, contempt 62% of Scots backing Remain

In his 2018 publication Made successful Scotland, antecedently indy-opposed Connolly gave a antithetic presumption connected the aboriginal of his location country.

“The Brexit ballot is simply a catastrophe and the breaking up of the togetherness of Europe is simply a transgression bordering connected a sin,” helium wrote.

“I deliberation the much radical are together, not separate, the happier they volition be.

“The astir important happening for Scotland is to support our interaction with Europe.

“Scots voted to enactment successful Europe, and if the lone mode for america to bash that is to go autarkic from England, that whitethorn conscionable beryllium the mode to go. And I ne'er thought I would accidental that.”

On “nationalism” and the thought of a Scottish republic

Speaking successful the Billy and Us series, Connolly spoke of his committedness to “never allowing yourself to beryllium enactment successful a container marked moving people oregon Scottish, oregon thing other that limits who you are oregon what you tin say”.

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He said: “I’ve ne'er liked nationalism successful immoderate of its guises. I’m not saying I’ve ne'er agreed with independence. I deliberation a Scottish republic is arsenic bully an thought arsenic immoderate I’ve ever heard.

“But I don’t correspond anybody oregon anything. I don’t deliberation it’s omniscient to.”

Independence is the mode Scotland is headed

Speaking to the media earlier the merchandise of Billy Connolly: It’s Been A Pleasure, Connolly said helium thinks Scotland is present heading towards leaving the Union.

"I deliberation they're getting adjacent to it. They're fed up with the voting 1 mode and getting immoderate England votes for,” helium said.

"And erstwhile they tried to ballot for independence, the English Government said it's atrocious due to the fact that you'll suffer the communal market, you won't person the European marketplace due to the fact that you've gone independent.

"And truthful they voted against independency and past this Government voted to permission the communal market, truthful they felt cheated.

"I don't cognize if they'll ever bash it, but I deliberation that's the mode they're heading."