'Almost hilarious': Douglas Ross STILL claims UK is voluntary Union

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AN interrogation successful which Scottish Conservative person Douglas Ross insisted the UK is simply a voluntary Union has been described arsenic “almost hilarious”.

Following yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling connected indyref2, Ross said it was an “opportunity for some our governments to enactment together”.

He said the state was going done “really challenging times” and that sentiment polls showed the “vast majority” of Scots did not privation different referendum.

This comes arsenic a caller canvass recovered fractional of Scots would ballot for the SNP astatine the adjacent General Election if doing truthful meant leaving the Union.

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Ross past said it was “not true” erstwhile it was enactment to him that the bulk of Scots enactment successful spot pro-independence politicians astatine the past Holyrood election.

Speaking connected BBC’s Good Morning Scotland, helium was asked, if the Union was voluntary, past however does Scotland spell astir leaving.

Ross said: “Well of people it’s voluntary and I’ve fixed you the clearest illustration that we unrecorded successful a voluntary Union due to the fact that conscionable 8 years agone we were fixed the accidental to person our accidental connected this issue.

“It’s a monolithic contented and the radical of Scotland decided that they wanted to stay portion of the United Kingdom.

“Of course, backmost past determination was statement among the governmental parties that determination was an accidental to person a referendum.”

Following connected from yesterday’s ruling, hundreds of Scots turned retired astatine rallies crossed the state to protestation the decision.

Speaking astatine an lawsuit successful Edinburgh, Nicola Sturgeon told the crowd: “The United Kingdom is not a voluntary national of nations.”

Ross continued: “If I tin conscionable say, you know, I deliberation everyone would accidental that 2011 and the play betwixt 2011 and the referendum successful 2014 was precise antithetic to what we person present successful presumption of the ballot and the statement amongst the governmental parties.

“Right now, wherever I anticipation we tin get statement is determination is simply a statement for america to enactment together, to present connected the large challenges that we are facing, to get to enactment connected important issues that truly interaction families crossed Scotland close now.

“Some won’t beryllium capable to spell to enactment due to the fact that they’re looking aft their kids due to the fact that teachers are striking for the archetypal clip successful 40 years.

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“These are the issues that the Scottish Government and the First Minister could beryllium focused on, that we cognize implicit the adjacent fewer weeks and months Nicola Sturgeon is going to beryllium discussing with her nationalist supporters however they tin circumvent the rules and the judgement of the Supreme Court, I deliberation that’s the incorrect precedence close now.”

SNP MP Pete Wishart slammed Ross for the interview. He wrote connected Twitter: “Douglas Ross astir hilarious connected #bncgms. Every predetermination the Scottish Conservatives person contested since 2014 has been connected the azygous contented of ‘stopping a 2nd indyref’ and they mislaid each 1 decisively.”

Wishart past added: “Geez. I stake he’s gladsome that’s over. The Unionists look to beryllium imploding connected what they thought was going to beryllium their ‘finest hour’… They conscionable can’t concede that this is nary longer a voluntary union.”