Aldi selling Apple EarPod 'dupes' that are £100 cheaper in Black Friday sale

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If you're looking to prime up a caller acceptable of wireless earphones, but don't privation to interruption the bank, past it looks similar Aldi person the cleanable reply to immoderate premium brands.

With Black Friday officially kicking off, the fund supermarket has officially launched its online exclusive merchantability for shoppers to prime up immoderate large deals crossed a scope of products, including homeware, tech, quality products and overmuch more.

One specified point that caught our attraction was the Maginon In-Ear Wireless Earphones that look a batch similar the Apple AirPods that retail astatine astir £139, but astatine a fraction of the cost.

The fund supermarket's merchantability has seen the supermarket slash the terms of the wireless earphones down to conscionable £19.99 from £24.99. While it mightiness not look similar the biggest discount, it much than makes up for it erstwhile compared to Apple's AirPods that would acceptable you backmost implicit £100 more.

Like the pricier counterparts, these fund earphones diagnostic bluetooth connectivity and a build-in microphone to beryllium compatible with smartphone dependable assistants specified arsenic Siri, Alexa and OK Google.

A changeable of Aldi's Maginon In Ear Wireless Earphones and charging case

The earphones are lone £19.99 successful the Black Friday sale

Aldi's earphones besides travel with 3.5 hours playback time, up to 120 hours standby, alongside the aforesaid sleek, glossy achromatic decorativeness and charging lawsuit arsenic the Apple versions.

Shoppers who person antecedently purchased Aldi's earphones person heaped praise connected them for being akin to the pricier brands astatine a fraction of the cost.

"These earbuds were £25. The equivalent Apple ones tin beryllium £200 much expensive. They clasp their complaint for astir 3 hours and recharge successful the lawsuit precise quickly. Bargain buy", raved 1 shopper.

"As bully arsenic different good known brand. Great price, bid was casual to place, bully tracking. My woman has much costly ones which I usage occasionally, these are conscionable arsenic good", complimented a second.

"Always wanted receptor pods but didn't privation to walk a batch of money. Having work the reviews I decided to bargain them and I haven't been disappointed. Really blessed with them", wrote a third.

"As bully arsenic my daughters AirPods but £100 cheaper. Great sound, comfortable, 3 twelvemonth warranty too", agreed a fourth.

Aldi's Maginon In-Ear Wireless Earphones are presently priced astatine £19.99 successful Aldi's online exclusive Black Friday sale.

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