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All 5 of the teams representing Africa are blessed with talented and experienced players. But Ghana mightiness person a subordinate who mightiness specify their travel astatine the World Cup. All implicit the country, determination are divers views connected whether this prima should beryllium called.

Asamoah Gyan; is simply a sanction that cannot beryllium overlooked erstwhile considering African greats and much specifically Ghanaian legends.

Most of his achievements are good known particularly being the astir capped subordinate for the Black Stars (109 APPEARANCES), astir goals for the Black Stars (51 GOALS) and all-time African starring extremity scorer astatine the World Cup (6 GOALS). He besides shares the astir consecutive tournaments scored astatine (9) with Black Stars’ radical rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal's nationalist squad captain.
Many Ghanaians person shared their views connected whether ‘baby jet’ should beryllium a portion of the present 26-man call-up for the World Cup adjacent month. Some salient figures successful Ghana shot and nine arsenic a full person besides voiced their opinions.

A batch of radical judge helium is not done with contributing to the team. Many radical reason that his acquisition added to a alternatively youthful squad volition make a blend needed for success. Some others besides reason successful presumption of his prolific goal-scoring attributes which mightiness beryllium needed astatine immoderate point. Others besides consciousness his beingness volition beryllium a signifier of intimidation to opponents.

On the different hand, a radical of radical besides consciousness giving Asamoah a call-up volition beryllium a slot wasted arsenic youthful players acceptable to showcase their abilities connected the biggest signifier volition person their slot taken away. Many besides consciousness helium is not acceptable for the physicality and gait of the brutal warfare that lies up adjacent month.

Jokingly, immoderate radical assertion helium should person converted his 120th-minute punishment against Uruguay successful 2010 to gain a call-up.

What bash you think?

Should Asamoah Gyan marque the team?

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