5 movies every African entrepreneur can take true life business lessons from

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  • Business Insider presents its 5 movies each entrepreneur should watch.
  • The movies listed present are based connected existent beingness events and existent people. 
  • The lessons pointed retired connected the database are not the lone oregon astir important lessons from these films, but the lessons comparative to Africans. 

Movies are often the easiest mean for sensitization.

Media since its inception was intended arsenic a instrumentality to dispersed propaganda. This was peculiarly existent for the question representation arsenic immoderate of the astir insensitive and provocative films followed the invention of the kinetograph.

Since then, censorship bodies globally person successfully regulated what tin beryllium shown connected movie and what can’t.

Fortunately, stories that are thought provoking successful a affirmative mode are inactive allowed connected the large screen, and movie continues to beryllium a instrumentality that tin power people’s beingness choices.

For entrepreneurs this is nary different. There are galore films that picture the nuances, to varying degrees, of the satellite of entrepreneurship.

Below are 5 films that are comparative to the African entrepreneurship conflict and tin thatch 1 oregon 2 lessons to immoderate African looking to navigate the analyzable concern scenery wrong the motherland.

The Social Network

The Social Network: This bio-flick is based connected the existent beingness communicative of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The communicative takes the assemblage into the travel of Mark’s instauration of the behemoth societal media platform, Facebook. Nail biting ineligible battles, and idiosyncratic struggles marque this movie an instant classic, but the acquisition for Africans present is not to spot truthful overmuch accent connected ceremonial education.

It is communal cognition that Mark, 1 of the wealthiest and astir superb individuals connected the planet, is simply a schoolhouse dropout. However, that does not archer the full story, arsenic his dropping retired superseded an endearing travel to aforesaid learning and aforesaid development, arsenic opposed to waiting for world tutors to dictate his existent worth and what helium tin lend to nine based connected a flawed grading system.

This is simply a batch of young Nigerians tin larn from, peculiarly students that person been forced to enactment astatine location due to the fact that of assemblage strikes.

The Founder

The Founder: The Founder is simply a movie that perfectly lauds the concern savvy of Ray Kroc, the antheral attributed for the founding of the biggest accelerated nutrient concatenation successful the world, McDonalds. The movie portrays however Ray was capable to merge existent property concern with the nutrient business, monopolizing an full franchise and yet buying it out.

The acquisition for immoderate African present is 1 we are each excessively acquainted with and that's diversification oregon broadside hustle arsenic we’ve travel to cognize it. It is important to person much than 1 skill, competence oregon expertise, due to the fact that that large thought floating successful your caput could beryllium realized if you recognize different facet of it.

Ray Kroc was capable to recognize that the nutrient was thing without a associated to devour it in, truthful helium focused much connected acquiring existent property for eating purposes than creating recipes for the food, and yet helium owned everything.

The Billion Dollar Code

The Billion Dollar Code: This Netflix bid illustrates the conception of the world’s biggest exertion company, Google. The bid dramatizes the existent beingness tribunal cases for the rights to Google’s patent, arsenic an creator and a hacker invented an innovative tech solution. Years later, they reunite to writer Google for patent infringement connected it.

The acquisition present for Nigerians is 1 that is each excessively glaring, yet often overlooked, and that is the request to patent immoderate concern thought you travel up with. Oftentimes radical person had their crippled changing ideas stolen origin they failed to support it. This bid reminds the audience, particularly young entrepreneurs to copyright their ideas, adjacent if it's conscionable a catchphrase.


Padman: This movie besides draws its root worldly from existent beingness events. Muruganantham Arunachalam is the existent beingness pad antheral who decided to lick the contented of costly sanitary pads.

Being from an impoverished vicinity helium sees however disenfranchised women conflict with menstrual hygiene. He instantly sets retired to make an affordable solution and consciousness for the cause.

The acquisition present for African entrepreneurs is 1 that should beryllium reasonably obvious, and that is procuring solutions. To beryllium a palmy entrepreneur, your concern needs to lick a occupation and this movie perfectly relays this message.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Pursuit of Happyness: The pursuit of Happyness is simply a biographical drama, based connected the existent beingness communicative of Successful Businessman Chris Gardner.

The communicative follows the travel of a antheral who went from mean to stateless to successful. He does this by investing his full beingness savings connected portable bone-density scanners. He past becomes a banal broker, earlier yet owning his ain firm, done it each helium is met with each sorts of damaging obstacles, including surviving connected the streets with his lad and his woman leaving him.

The acquisition present is not much truthful an entrepreneurship lesson, but a hybrid of a beingness acquisition and an entrepreneurship lesson. The movie teaches radical ne'er to springiness up and ne'er to despair, and arsenic elemental arsenic this whitethorn sound, it is the astir important acquisition immoderate entrepreneur should learn.