23 funniest things people are saying about Liz Truss right now

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John Plunkett. Updated October 14th, 2022

In a highly competitory tract it’s been Liz Truss’s worst time successful the period oregon truthful since she entered Downing Street.

Despite agreeing with him connected perfectly everything, the PM sacked chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng and replaced him with Jeremy Hunt earlier giving a drama property league that inspired assurance successful precisely no-one.

Just successful lawsuit you missed it – the presser lone lasted 8 minutes, truthful that would beryllium wholly understandable – this is surely the lone spot you request to see.

in conclusion, pic.twitter.com/LHdWIPvrTL

— Paul Hardcastle (@hardcastIe) October 14, 2022

The bully quality was it won’t beryllium Truss’s worst time for long. Right, Liz?

And these are our 23 favourite things radical are saying astir the premier curate and her colleagues (past and present) close now.


That property league was disappointing. She should person done immoderate of her hits. Pork markets etc.

— Stephen Mangan (@StephenMangan) October 14, 2022


we present spell unrecorded to downing st: pic.twitter.com/u29f0FhHEp

— Joe (@wittyusrname6) October 14, 2022


I person acted decisively to calm the markets by sacking idiosyncratic I wholly hold with, not apologising and not admitting that I got thing wrong.
Why isn't it working?!

— Parody Prime Minister (@Parody_PM) October 14, 2022


The imagination squad pic.twitter.com/xRZjQ2gGId

— Calgie (@christiancalgie) October 14, 2022


If committed Lib Dem Liz Truss had decided successful her twenties to infiltrate the Conservative Party successful bid to go person & screw it up from the inside, however precisely would she person behaved otherwise implicit the past month?

— James Oh Brien (@mrjamesob) October 14, 2022


Well that was arsenic reassuring arsenic Harold Shipman giving a lecture connected geriatric medicine

— Nish Kumar (@MrNishKumar) October 14, 2022


Is Jeremy Hunt inactive Chancellor?

— Gary Lineker 💙💛 (@GaryLineker) October 14, 2022


We’ve each taken connected jobs we weren’t the slightest spot qualified to do. Watching Truss reminds maine of the clip I tried to alteration a breached ablution caput and I f#+ked it up truthful spectacularly we had to get the full bath replaced.

— Zoe Lyons (@zoelyons) October 14, 2022


Apparently Kwasi Kwarteng had occupation getting a spot connected the level cos cipher wanted him anyplace adjacent concern oregon economy

— Ped (@_iPed) October 14, 2022


Great to spot the PM relaxed and informal and truly engaging with the questions there.

— Dara Ó Briain (@daraobriain) October 14, 2022


I spot the operation "that's wherefore I had to instrumentality decisive action" is today's reply to 37 varieties of the question "WHAT IN THE NAME OF EVERY VOTER'S SANITY ARE YOU DOING?????"

— Marina Hyde (@MarinaHyde) October 14, 2022


Answer the questions you blow-dried cyborg!

— Sue Perkins 💙 (@sueperkins) October 14, 2022

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