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The Chief Representative of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA, Mr. Araki Yasumichi and the Training Team of JICA Ghana hosted young promising Ghanaians who person been offered scholarships for this year’s batch of Master’s Degree and Internship Programs successful immoderate starring Japanese Universities.

They had a pre-departure debriefing league astatine the JICA Ghana Office, arsenic an indispensable constituent of their trip. It forms portion of the grooming activities to adequately hole them connected important topics including world and pupil life, question arrangements and immoderate perspectives astir studying successful Japan. This is to guarantee that their enactment successful Japan is fruitful, experiential and productive.

These Ghanaian officials volition person specialized acquisition and cognition successful the areas of governance, education, agriculture, health, concern argumentation and others, and it volition beryllium pivotal to their idiosyncratic nonrecreational improvement and the organization capableness improvement of their assorted organisations.

Mr. ARAKI Yasumichi underscored the value of quality assets improvement and said the beneficiaries, speech from the main course, would besides person the accidental to larn astir Japan’s modernization and improvement experiences.
He besides expressed anticipation that the existent harvest of beneficiaries would instrumentality to instrumentality up enactment roles successful Ghana and besides heighten the enslaved of relationship and practice the 2 countries person shared implicit the decades.

At the 5th Tokyo International Conference connected African Development (TICAD V), held successful Yokohama successful 2013, the Japanese authorities stated its argumentation of strengthening enactment for Africa with stronger public-private partnerships and announced the "African Business Education Initiative for Youth, "ABE Initiative", a strategical program to supply youths successful Africa with opportunities to survey for Master's grade astatine Japanese universities and acquisition internships astatine Japanese companies.

In Ghana, JICA implements the master's grade and internship programme wrong the ABE Initiative framework. Currently, a full of One Hundred and One (101) Ghanaians are successful Japan nether JICA's Long-term Training Program which includes the Human Resource Development Scholarship, JDS and the ABE Initiative.

Source: Peacefmonline.com/Ghana

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